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                • UVO-560 High Concentration Ozone Analyzer
                  UVO-560 High Concentration Ozone Analyzer is an instrument based on the Lambert-Beer's law to calculate the ozone concentration value by measuring the change of optical signal intensity before and after the absorption of ultraviolet light by ozone. . UVO-560 High Concentration Ozone Analyzer has gas filter, regulating valve, flow meter and ozone exhaust gas processor, with no leakage, high pressur
                • EX-GDT-O3 Remote Ozone Tester
                  EX-GDT-O3 Remote Ozone Tester is suitable for continuous online detection of ozone concentration in various industrial environments and special hazardous environments. It displays results on the LCD screen and outputs various standard signals. EX-GDT-O3 Remote Ozone Tester is easy to operate and is suitable for all kinds of dangerous places.
                • UVO-201 On-line Monitoring Ozone Sensor UVO-201
                  UVO-201 On-line Monitoring Ozone Sensor is used to test ozone concentration in the air.It uses UV Absorption to detect and its measuring range is 0-500ppm.UVO-201 On-line Monitoring Ozone Sensor can automatically change the ranges and monitor the changes of ozone concentration in the air.It can also return to zero automatically after using to ensure precision of the results.
                • OZA-T30 UV Absorption method Ozone Analyzer
                  OZA-T30 UV Absorption method Ozone Analyzer adopts imported UV light source which has long service life and high stability coefficient, and is used to detect the ozone concentration.OZA-T30 UV Absorption method Ozone Analyzer has the characters of flexible and high accuracy. It also has print function, the tested datas can be recorded and printed in real time.
                • OZA-T15 UV Absorption method Ozone Tester OZA-T15
                  OZA-T15 UV Absorption method Ozone Tester is developed by Suzhou Hongri purification Technology Co.Ltd, which adopts the imported UV light source and has long service life.Its measured results can be recorded in real-time.OZA-T15 UV Absorption method Ozone Tester is flexible,portable and easy to use.It is mainly used in ozone preparation workshop,textile pharmaceutical and water treatment,etc.
                • OZA-C10 Handheld Ozone Tester OZA-C10
                  OZA-C10 Handheld Ozone Tester is made with electronic chemical sensor and micro controller technology.It is suitable for gas concentration detection in various industrial and special environments.OZA-C10 Handheld Ozone Tester has the advantages of fast response speed,high measurement accuracy and good stability and repeatability, which makes it occupying the leading level in China.

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