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                • ACH-II Air Capture Hood
                  ACH-II Air Capture Hood is an instrument used to measure the air volume flowing through air-outlet,diffusers and grilles. ACH-II Air Capture Hood is easy to use and has high accuracy and reliability which ensures its results to be accuracy and be saved.
                • ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood
                  ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood is used to measure the air volume flowing through air-outlet, diffusers and grilles.ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood has reached the same level of the similar products internationally on accuracy and performance.
                • WS-40 Hot Bulb Digital Anemometer WS-40
                  WS-40 Hot Bulb Digital Anemometer is a portable,digital displayed instrument which measures wind speed as its basic function.It has the advantages of compact structure,small volume,stable performance,convenient operation and maintenance.WS-40 Hot Bulb Digital Anemometer can be widely used in heating,ventilation,air conditioning,environmental pretection,clean workshop,various air velocity labs,etc.
                • QDF-6 Anemometer QDF-6
                  QDF-6 Anemometer is a portable,digital display instrument that shows physical quantities directly.QDF-6 Anemometer is easy to use with the characteristics of compact structure,small volume and stable performance.It is widely used in heating,ventilation,air conditioning,environmental protection,meteorology,clean workshop,chemical fiber textile,various wind speed las and other occasions.
                • WS-25 Air Velocity Transmitter
                  WS-25 Air Velocity Transmitter is a high precision instrument with extremely sensitive responsiveness to air velocities. Even near 0m/s air velocity, it can still be accurately measured. WS-25 Air Velocity Transmitter has different installation methods for different application fields. The probe and cable length during installation can also be chosen by the users according to their needs.
                • WS-30R Air Velocity Sensor WS-30R
                  WS-30R Air Velocity Sensor is a sensor with the abilities of anti-dampness and anti-pollution.It can measure accuratly with low and medium wind speed.WS-30R Air Velocity Sensor has not only high accuracy and long-term stability,but also very good performance-price ratio.

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