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                ABOUT US
                Honri Airclean Technology Co., Ltd is a joint-stock high-tech enterprise incorporating the research and development. Established in 1994, we are the domestic leader in China in micro contamination monitoring, and now we are building a global wide company.
                Our products mainly include airborne particle counters, biological air samplers, and laminar flow benches. Our comprehensive line of micro contamination monitors enables users to monitor and qualify contaminants. Specific applications include clean room monitoring, filter test etc. Our products are widely used in the field of electronics, Aviation& Spaceflight, Precision Instrument, Biological Pharmaceuticals, Film making, Medical Treatment, Food healthcare, semiconductor, Light cable, Scientific Research, Clean operation room, biological Laboratory.
                Our factory has been certified with ISO9001:2000 version by the USA Orion certificate Company for Import and Export. We were awarded directorship by “Clean room Technology Committee of China Refrigeration and Air conditioning Industry Association “. Some of our models have obtained national patents with European “CE”.
                We have been doing our best to grasp every opportunity and always work and study hard to develop the innovated quality products along with reasonable price for our global customers. Meanwhile, we welcome friends from inland and abroad to contact us or visit our factory for business discursions or OEM/ODM products.

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