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                • CLJ-BII(D) Airborne Particle Counter CLJ-BII(D)
                  CLJ-BII(D) Airborne Particle Counter is a professional measuring instrument for measuring the level of air cleanliness in cleanroom workshops.The function of the whole machine is controlled by microcomputer and the test results can be printer directly.CLJ-BII(D) Airborne Particle Counter can meet the test needs of the pharmaceutical industry,electronics industry and food hygiene industry,etc.
                • 1CFM Airborne particle counter CLJ-B330
                  The Honri Portable CLJ-B330 1CFM Airborne particle counter offers best-in-class features. The Model CLJ-B330 Laser Airborne particle counter provides a 1.0 CFM (28.3 L/min) flow with 0.3 μm sensitivity. 1CFM Airborne particle counter data can be conveniently viewed on screen, downloaded using software, or printed directly to the integrated printer.
                • CLJ-B550 Airborne Particle Counter CLJ-B550
                  CLJ-B550 Airborne Particle Counter is a new particle counter with big flow rate,friendly interface and high-resolution color touch screen.CLJ-B550 Airborne Particle Counter is used to measure the particle size and count the number of particles.CLJ-B550 can finish sampling a cubic meter quickly and exactly in 20 miniutes,which is widely used in testing particles of clean rooms.
                • CLJ-B1030 Airborne Particle Counter CLJ-B1030
                  CLJ-B1030 Airborne Particle Counter is a new type of dust particle counter used to measure the size and number of dust particles in an unit volume in clean environment.CLJ-B1030 Airborne Particle Counter can simultaneously monitor the number and variations of particles in 8 particle channels.It is widely used in evaluating the quality of indoor air and testing the performance of HEPA filters.
                • CLJ-BII(G) Two flow rate Airborne Particle Counter CLJ-BII(G)
                  CLJ-BII(G) Two flow rate Airborne Particle Counter is a professional metering instrument used to detect air cleanliness levels of the dust-free room. All Its functions are processed by microcomputer and the detected results can be printed out directly.CLJ-BII(G) Two flow rate Airborne Particle Counter can also detect the sterile purification effect of the environment quickly and accurately.
                • CLJ-R Series Remote Particle Counter
                  Honri CLJ-R Series Remote Particle Counter is used to install one or more monitoring points according to the actual situation on site, and the measured datas will be directly displayed on the display screen of each monitoring point. Honri CLJ-R Series Remote Particle Counter meets the requirements of GMP, FDA and ISO21501-4.
                • CLJ-R200 Remote Airborne Particle Sensor
                  CLJ-R200 Remote Airborne Particle Sensor is used to install in clean room for monitoring air quality according to the actual situation.It can monitor 0.3、0.5、1.0、2.0、3.0、5.0um particles at same time.CLJ-R200 Remote Airborne Particle Sensor comply with GMP, It can be widely used in electronics, food, cosmetics, medicine and health, biological products, aerospace and other fields.
                • CLJ-R310 Remote Particle Counter CLJ-R310
                  CLJ-R310 Remote Particle Counter is an instrument that makes it easier and cost-effective to monitor the cleanrooms. The integration of the instrument is easy while using either Ethernet (TCP/IP) or Serial Modbus RTU communications.CLJ-R310 Remote Particle Counter can also simplify its installation either by Ethernet connection (Power-over-Ethernet),or a local power supply.
                • CLJ-R210 Remote Particle Sensor CLJ-R210
                  CLJ-R210 Remote Particle Sensor is an instrument with high quality and long-life pump.It makes it easier and cost-effective to monitor cleanrooms.The installation of CLJ-R210 Remote Particle Sensor is simplified with versatile power options,and its unit can be configured to accept distributed power from an in-house system, Local power plug-in, or Power over Ethernet(PoE).
                • FSC-R10 Microbial Air Sampler
                  FSC-R10 Microbial Air Sampler is developed to realize real-time remote microbial sampling with the HR-FMS System.FSC-R10 Microbial Air Sampler can record the sampling amount,data and time of each sampling point in real-time,which makes it possible for all the parameter settings and functions to be completed on the software.

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