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                PRODUCT DETAILS
                • Product Name:CLJ-BII(D) Airborne Particle Counter

                • Product Number:CLJ-BII(D)
                • Vendor:HRTECH
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                CLJ-BII(D) Airborne Particle Counter is a professional measuring instrument for measuring the level of air cleanliness in cleanroom workshops.The function of the whole machine is controlled by microcomputer and the test results can be printer directly.CLJ-BII(D) Airborne Particle Counter can meet the test needs of the pharmaceutical industry,electronics industry and food hygiene industry,etc.
                Detailed Introduction:

                Main Features:

                · 1 cfm (28.3 lpm) flow rate

                · Large LCD display, time and data display

                · 2 counting modes

                · Six particle-size channels 

                · Date and time display

                · Federal Standard 209E Calculation  

                · Multiple print-mode

                · Data conversion (ft3 and m3)

                · Data storage

                · Optional rechargeble battery, continuously measured for more than 4h




                  Self-Clean Time


                  Test range

                  Class 100~300,000

                  Output mode

                  Built-in Printer

                  Work environment

                  Temperature: 10~35℃,Relative Humidity :≤75%

                  Power Supply

                  Li-ion rechargeable battery, 220V±10%,50Hz±2Hz

                  6 Channels

                  0.3,0.5,1,3,5,10(μm) or 0.3,05,1.0,2.0,3.0,5.0(μm)

                  Counts Data

                  Total Counts, Counts/ft3 and Counts/m3

                  Light source and its life

                  Semi-conductor laser, >30,000 h



                  Power dissipation



                  8.0 Kg


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