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                PRODUCT DETAILS
                • Product Name:DP-40 Digital Differential Pressure Meter

                • Product Number:DP-40
                • Vendor:HRTECH
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                DP-40 Digital Differential Pressure Meter is developed to measure pressure differential for diffenent levels in cleanroom and out of cleanroom.It displays the pressure differential in digital form and has stable quality and high precision.DP-40 Digital Differential Pressure Meter is the ideal instrument for many departments to use,such as electronics,pharmaceuticals and biotechnologyis,etc.
                Detailed Introduction:

                Main Features:

                • Using new semiconductor  nm process vultra-low-power 32 bit microprocessor
                • 2.6 inch IPS color screen, the resolution is 320x240
                • Differential pressure can be measured,negative and positive pressure, Multiple measuring units are optionalPa,mbar,etc.
                • With data storage function(16000 samples), the storage cycle can be set,historical data can be viewed on the screen
                • The data can be download to PC via USB line
                • The zero of differential pressure meter can be on-site calibrate
                • The backlight is adjustable, and it can be automatically switched off when it is idle
                • English operation menu, simple and useful
                • Functions of over-voltage protection, overcharge protection,resistance of the static, electromagnetic interference




                Measure range






                Sampling rate


                Working environment




                Power supply

                Built in  2400mA  Li-battery


                USB Charger line,Data,User manual,Calibration      certificate,Warranty card

                Online Inquiry

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