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                PRODUCT DETAILS
                • Product Name:PM-350 Aerosol Photometer

                • Product Number:
                • Vendor:HRTECH
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                PM-350 Aerosol Photometer is a professional test instrument to test the leakage of HEPA, designed on the base of light scattering principle, displays real-time leakage rate by detecting aerosol concentrations of upstream and downstream.
                Detailed Introduction:

                PM-350 Aerosol Photometer is a professional test instrument to test the leakage of HEPA, designed on the base of light scattering principle, displays real-time leakage rate by detecting aerosol concentrations of upstream and downstream. Applicable for testing clean rooms, laminar flow benches, Biological safety cabinet, glove boxes, HEPA vacuum cleaners, HVAC systems, HEPA filters, ULPA filters, negative pressure filtration units, surgical suites, nuclear filter banks, collective protection filters, etc. 


                1. Compact size, easy to carry.

                2. Main body adopts 5 inch color touch screen, more convenient operation, faster data processing.

                3. Directly display of leakage rate and pump sampling speed.

                4. Portable scanning probe, 3.5-inch color display, one-button operation, synchronous display with host screen, convenient for users to saw the test results.

                5. Automatically switch upstream and downstream

                6. To make sure data reliable, stable, we use high quality pump and light-source.


                l HEPA validation

                l Pharmaceutical, Electronics industry

                l Medical operating room,Cleanromm

                l Pharmaceutical packaging and manufacturing

                l Food processes and Scientific experiments

                l Equipment  certification, Equipment Monitoring

                Biological safety cabinet , Clean bench

                Semiconductor Industry


                        Item Name  

                         Aerosol Photometer



                        Measuring scope

                         0.0001%-100.0% Color LCD screen display

                        Dynamic range

                         0mg/ m3120mg/m3


                         1% of readings 0.01% to100%)


                         0.5% of readings  0.01% to 100%)

                        Flow rate


                         Zero reset

                         Zero reset at start up


                        User selectable audible, visual alarms model when the user defined set point is exceeded.


                         Continuous/Storage(6000 data)/Print modes





                        Power supply

                         AC 220V  50/60Hz




                         9.8kg(Main body) / 0.5kg(Probe)

                        Standard Accessories

                         Probe, connection device, upstream sampling pipe, power    wire, Bluetooth printer

                Online Inquiry

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