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                PRODUCT DETAILS
                • Product Name:HRF-4B Aerosol Generator-Cold Type

                • Product Number:
                • Vendor:HRTECH
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                HRF-4B Aerosol Generator can generate aerosol of 10-100ugL with 50cfm to 8100cfm Air Flow. Aerosol Generator and photometer are used for integrity testing or leak testing in HEPA systems. Filter manufacturers use these device to scan ULPA and HEPA to validate their products. The filter detector uses these device to verify the filter has not been damaged in transit and that it has been properly ins
                Detailed Introduction:

                HRF-4B Aerosol Generator can generate aerosol of 10-100ugL with 50cfm to 8100cfm Air Flow. Aerosol Generator and photometer are used for integrity testing or leak testing in HEPA systems. Filter manufacturers use these device to scan ULPA and HEPA to validate their products. The filter detector uses these device to verify the filter has not been damaged in transit and that it has been properly installed without any leaks.
                       HRF-4B Aerosol Generator is with rugged stainless steel structure, big filling port, independent spray-head and pressure control, and normative and clean joint output. It is a small, light and rugged portable, self-contained Laskin-Nozzle aerosol generator. All that needed is provide clean, compressed air to produce various diameters particles.
                       HRF-4B Aerosol Generator has 7 Laskin Nozzles , it's diluted into 810 CFM under pressure 20PSI, the concentration is approx 100 ug/L per liter. Three valves allow the device to operate between 1 and 7 nozzles, providing a wide range of particle concentrations.

                1.  Laskin Nozzle
                2.  Manually adjust


                clean room, Clean bench, biosafety cabinet, glove box, HEPA vacuum cleaner, HVAC system, HEPA, ULPA, negative pressure filter device, operating room and so on. 


                Particles output range

                50 - 8,100cfm(1.4-229m3/min)


                100ug / L Flow rate 810cfm

                10 ug / L Flow rate 8100cfm

                Aerosol type 

                1-7 Laskin Nozzles

                Compressed air

                3-18 CFM (≤20 psi)

                Generator type

                PAO、DOP、Polydisperse particles


                (25cm L X 28cm W X23cm H)



                Power Supply

                 No need

                Online Inquiry

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