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                PRODUCT DETAILS
                • Product Name:FSC-V Biological Air Sampler

                • Product Number:FSC-V
                • Vendor:HRTECH
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                FSC-V Biological Air Sampler is a high effictive air sampler that is designed according to the principle of multi jie holes particle impact and isokinetic sampling.FSC-V Biological Air Sampler has an unique structure,and is controlled by computer boards.The instrument samples by noise pump and its sampling head is made by SS304, which is suitable for various ways to disinfect.
                Detailed Introduction:

                Main Features:

                • Sampling Vessel has many small holes which reduces particles superposition and reduces microbial count errors
                • Programmable,sample Volume can be set from 0.01 to 9.0 m3.
                • Large LCD screen displays sampling amount, sampling time,battery meter and other parameters.
                • Automatic sampling time can be set.Three groups of samples can be selected quickly.

                • Sampling amount,sampling time and other parameters can be stored page by page,  up to 256 pages of data can be stored.

                • Electronic remoted Start/Stop sample, Unique in form and convenient to use.
                • Easy to change the Petri dish. Just take off the sample vessel hole to change the Petridish.




                Flow rate


                Wind Speed of sampling  holes

                   0.38m/s, basically the same as that of clean room    (Isokinetic  sampling)

                Power supply

                AC/DC, Rechargeable battery: 5,000mA lithium

                Operating time on  battery




                Case material

                SUS 304



                Online Inquiry

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