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                PRODUCT DETAILS
                • Product Name:HR-FMS Cleanroom Monitoring System

                • Product Number:
                • Vendor:HRTECH
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                HR-FMS Cleanroom Monitoring System is mainly used for real-time monitoring environmental parameters in clean rooms and completing the functions of data storge and management.HR-FMS Cleanroom Monitoring System can realize real-time monitoring of cleanliness,temperature and humidity,pressure difference,wind speed and other parameters of clean room.
                Detailed Introduction:

                      HR-FMS Cleanroom Monitoring System is an advanced reliable and user-friendly monitoring software suite that features a truly distributed architecture. High availability databases and hot standby system fail over funtionality assures compliance and peace of mind. Standard inputs include: Remote particle counters, air sampler, temperature/humidity, differential pressure, Ozone analyzer and air velocity inputs. Any device that has a liner analog output can be integrated into the system.



                Features of HR-FMS Cleanroom Monitoring System :

                1. On-site display, 24×7 continuously monitor the cleanliness, differential pressure, temperature/humidity, air velocity and ozone concentration of cleanrooms.

                2. Historical datas of any period at any position can be reviewed, and the datas can be derived into the form of EXCEL file.

                3. Start-up time and stop time can be set of each sensor.

                4. Automatically judge clean levels according to the requirement of GMP.

                5. On-site alarm and SMS alarm functions, users can freely set overrun alarm level and early warning level.

                6. Ethernet communication, easy to extend.

                7. Three-level user management function and events logging function.


                Product details of HR-FMS Cleanroom Monitoring System :                    

                1. Remote Particle Counter Sensors

                2. Microbial Air Sampler

                3. Air Velocity Sensors
                4. Differential Pressure Sensors
                5. Temperature and Humidity Sensors


                Applications of HR-FMS Cleanroom Monitoring System :

                • Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Monitoring
                • Semiconductor Cleanroom Monitoring
                • Medical Device 
                • Hospital Pharmacies 
                • Aerospace
                • Operating Theaters

                Online Inquiry

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