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                PRODUCT DETAILS
                • Product Name:ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood

                • Product Number:
                • Vendor:HRTECH
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                ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood is used to measure the air volume flowing through air-outlet, diffusers and grilles.ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood has reached the same level of the similar products internationally on accuracy and performance.
                Detailed Introduction:

                   ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air capture hood is used to measure the air volume flowing through air-outlet, diffusers and grilles. Its high reliability ensures the measurements to be accurate, the measurements  can be saved as well. Sizes for its cover, random accessories, calibration certification and carrying case can be different according to the Air inlet size. 

                   ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood is researched and developed by the cooperation of Honri Airclean and Korea Hyundai Calibration & certification, and is tested and approved by the experts of Shanghai Institute of Measurement and Testing (SIMT).

                Features of ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood:

                1. Automatically display the wind direction: inlet flow or outlet flow

                2. Displayed units can be switched between m3/h and ft3/min

                3. Compact packing, convenient shipment 

                4. USB flash disk can be used to export data, easy to use

                5. With WIFI print function

                6. High-capacity data storage (4,608 samples)

                7. Operation can be switched between Chinese and English

                8. With buzzer alarm function, if the alarm limit is exceeded, the data will turn red for pre-alarm

                9. Free carrying case with caster

                Parameters of ACH-1(2019) Accubalance Air Capture Hood:

                 Measurement range





                 1 m3/h


                 Standard size


                 Optional sizes




                 915×915 mm

                 Power supply

                 li-battery for 6 hours continuous use


                 4.5kg (Air Capture Hood size: 610×610mm)

                 Data storage

                 4608 samples


                 Carrying case, User manual, Calibration certificate, Battery recharger

                 Selectable items

                 Printer, Tripod

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